43190: Computer Scientists, Mathematicians or similar - Software Research for Visualization and Analysis of Big Data

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Jena, Germany

Work group:

Institute of Data Science

Area of research:

Scientific / postdoctoral posts

Job description:

Many applications at DLR produce large structured and unstructured datasets. They are not only related to scientific and technical applications but can also stem from public administrations and insurance companies. Even the public might provide data to the heterogeneous data pool (Citizen Science).
Access, exploration and analysis of that data allows humans to come to an understanding of complex processes and enables a purposive shaping of the world. In particular, data-driven modeling with methods of machine learning plays an increasingly important role here.

At Jena, the new DLR institute of Data Science is looking for computer scientists to investigate and develop new analysis and visualization approaches:

design and development of generic Visual Analytics modules for a platform for the analysis of earth system data integration of Data Mining methods efficient coupling of data management and data mining with interfaces for user interaction investigation of advanced information visualization approaches for high-dimensional probabilistic models considering DLR-specific applications extension of an existing Visual Analytics framework for Bayesian Data Analysis exploration of advanced, generic visual analytics techniques for the evaluation and comparison of machine learning models research on methods for multi-user systems and multi-touch displays with respect to cognitive aspects. evaluation of the overall system with respect to efficiency, user acceptance, and risk of misinterpretations

We are currently looking for an experienced scientist with proven multi-year research experience in information visualization or visual analytics. A completed PhD in this area is of great advantage. You should have an in-depth knowledge of software development and a solid education in math, data mining or machine learning. We see as a basic requirement that you have the power to put things into practice. In addition, basic knowledge in cognitive science and human-machine interaction are very helpful for system development and assessment.

We are looking for highly motivated people with the ambition to initiate new projects with other DLR institutes as well as research institutions located in Thuringia, Germany. We are offering an environment where people can bring in own ideas. We expect that new projects are inspired and advanced methods are investigated. Part of your job will also be the presentation of your research on international conferences and in scientific journals. We are offering an exciting, friendly, and flexible working environment which also provides part time.

Please apply via recruiter’s website.

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