42852: Student Energy Technology, Industrial Engineering, Physics or similar - Analysis of the Impact of Decentralized Business Models (Community Level) on the Overall Energy System

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Stuttgart, Germany

Work group:

Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics

Area of research:

Diploma & Master Thesis

Job description:

In the Energy Systems Analysis division at the DLR Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics we address a broad spectrum of issues related to energy economics and energy policy. In order to model and assess pathways towards a sustainable future energy system, techno-economic, but also social and various environmental criteria have to be taken into account.

The aim of this thesis is to investigate how community energy systems are defined and what role communities play in an energy system with the high share of renewable energies. In this context, the influence of business models at the level of community energy systems (e.g. self-consumption in the neighborhood) on the overall energy system and the electricity market in Germany will be examined. In these business models households are key actors and technologies such as batteries (e.g. PV-Storage and community energy storage system) and heat pumps play an important role. For this analysis, an existing community energy system model as well as the agent-based model of the German energy system (AMIRIS) will be coupled and applied.

During your thesis you will work on the following subtasks:

literature review and evaluation of current studies on the role of communities in the future energy system development of meaningful scenarios for the analysis of the community energy systems in the overall energy system model AMIRIS parameterization of AMIRIS application of AMIRIS and the community energy system model for the evaluation of developed scenarios statistical evaluations of the results comprehensible documentation and presentation of scientific results

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