37649: Software Experts - Scientific Research and Development of Onboard Software for Spacecraft

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany

Work group:

Simulation and Software Technology

Area of research:

Scientific / postdoctoral posts

Job description:

You will join a team of software scientists and engineers working on onboard software for satellites, in our working group Onboard Software Systems in Braunschweig and Oberpfaffenhofen. We develop software for national and international space missions. Among others, our current mission involvement covers missions to the ISS, sounding rocket experiments, small satellites, lunar landers and global navigation satellite systems. Our main focus resides on real-time operating systems, driver development, middleware, CDH, AOCS and distributed embedded systems. Additionally, the team has excellence in onboard software product assurance, model-driven development and software engineering techniques.

We are searching new passionate colleagues who want to strengthen our existing team, by conducting software research and development tasks in our current and future space flight missions. We aim for a team-player and reliable person with the capability to conduct and coordinate complex tasks over team boundaries.

Your key tasks and responsibilities include:

research and development of system software for embedded real-time systems for spacecraft design and implementation of software architecture for complex mission critical software systems following engineering guidelines and standards of the space domain application and research of advanced programming techniques for safety-critical software systems requirements analysis of onboard software documentation of research, evaluations, and reviews presentation of research and development results on international conferences

Please apply via recruiter’s website.

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