36586: Computer Scientist, physicist, astronomer or similar - Development of innovative Data Management Methods for Data-Intensive Radio Astronomy

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Jena, Germany

Work group:

Institute of Data Science

Area of research:

Scientific / postdoctoral posts

Job description:

For the Institute of Data Science in Jena we are establishing a new research group on „Data Management Technologies“. In this group, we develop novel methods and techniques for storing, managing, describing, and processing large amounts of multi-dimensional data in distributed storage systems. The work is conducted in close collaboration with the German Remote Sensing Data Center and external partners at the Thüringer Landessternwarte Tautenburg and the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy.

In addition to our ongoing research on data management challenges for remote sensing (in particular earth observation), your task is to develop and establish Radio Astronomy as another important application domain for research in the area of large-scale data management. To fully leverage the potential synergy of common data management problems between both application domains, it is of importance to gain a good understanding of the Radio Astronomy domain and its data management challenges, in order to develop and prototype technologies and practical software components to tackle those problems. You are responsible for the in-depth analysis of requirements for the storage, management, description, and processing of large volumes (in the PB range) of scientific, multi-dimensional data in cooperation with our external partners from the Radio Astronomy domain. Based on these requirements you design novel methods and techniques for scalable storage management of large scientific data sets, efficient data access paths, innovative (semantically) enriched metadata descriptions, and processing capabilities for Radio Astronomy applications. Since we are establishing the research on data management for data-intensive Radio Astronomy applications as a new research field within our research group, the following skills are crucial: the ability to work autonomously and independently, strong communication skills in discussions with existing and prospective partners, and deep expertise in data management or Radio Astronomy. The to-be-developed methods have to be robust and scalable to be integrated into real-world platform environments. In addition it requires a regular, technical exchange with partners and stake holders on defining interfaces and efficient data access paths.

The emphasis of your activities will be on:

analysis of core requirements for the management of large, complex volumes of radio astronomical data literature research in the area of large-scale data management for radio astronomical data with the goal to compare existing and develop new methods and techniques analysis of current IT architectures and systems for their usage to storage very large volumes of radio astronomical data development of innovative concepts for the storage, management, description & annotation, and processing of large volumes of radio astronomical data implementation of concepts in efficient data structures, algorithms, and modules integration and testing of modules in platform environments scientific evaluation, documentation, and publication of results in scientific journals, workshops, or conferences presentation of achieved results at national and international conferences and workshops technical supervision of PhD students and undergraduate students reviewing of student theses (M.Sc./B.Sc) and dissertations acquisition of third-party funding, research on scientific funding agencies are their funding programs as well as the preparation and authorship of applications in the areas of data management and Radio Astronomy time- and resource planning and management of research projects in the areas of data management and Radio Astronomy authorship of research project intermediate and final reports organization and execution of scientific workshops and meetings on data management methods for data-intensive Radio Astronomy contribution to the management, documentation, and maintenance of IT platforms establishing new collaborations with internal and external partners; strengthen existing partnerships scientific guidance and further development of the research area data management for data-intensive Radio Astronomy initiation, promotion, and coordination of technical exchange between scientific employees in the area of data management for data-intensive Radio Astronomy

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