31130: Mathematician, Computer Scientist, Aerospace or Mechanical Engineer or similar - Parametric CAD Solutions for Multi-Disciplinary Simulation and Optimization Processes

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Dresden, Germany

Work group:

Institute of Software Methods for Product Virtualization

Area of research:

Scientific / postdoctoral posts

Job description:

The Institute of Software Methods for Product Virtualization is concerned with software research and developments that aim at comprehensive aircraft description and simulation capabilities enabling multidisciplinary analyses by means of highly-accurate mathematical models. In this context, parametric CAD methods are to be identified, evaluated and developed that allow for detailed and accurate shape modelling ready for high-fidelity simulations. A systematic CAD-link providing a direct geometry access is a central building block in many simulation-based analysis and optimization scenarios. The CAD integration into the simulation process will be realized using the DLR HPC-platform FlowSimulator.

Your main tasks:

identification, evaluation and development of software methods for parametric CAD modelling design and implementation of CAD interfaces for the integration of simulation and simulation-based optimization processes development of concepts and implementation of software solutions providing a CAD-link for coupled CFD-CSM simulations development of consistent CAD models that can be reduced and augmented in the level of detail (“geometry master model”) modular integration of CAD software methods into the DLR-developed HPC simulation platform FlowSimulator for multidisciplinary analyses and optimizations research and development of isogeometric methods for fluid and structure simulations quality control, testing and documentation of the software methods developed

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