Philip Morris International Inc. (PMI)

2-year Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Philip Morris International (PMI)

Neuchatel, Neuchtel, Switzerland

Philip Morris International (PMI) just launched a 2-year Postdoctoral Fellowship Program at our state-of–the-art Science & Innovation (S&I) facilities, based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

Are you up for a challenge? Are you looking for a unique opportunity to work on innovative projects that will significantly enhance your expertise in a corporate environment? And do you want to build an exciting career? Then apply now!

We are currently looking for enthusiastic Scientists for 9 Postdoctoral Fellowship positions in the following areas:

Control mechanisms of tobacco leaf senescence

  • Delve into plant genetics and investigate the processes behind cell aging in tobacco plants.

Measuring protein adducts in blood samples

  • Extract and validate biochemical complexes and biomarkers in the blood.

Establishing “SensoCytes” using human progenitor cells or iPSCs

  • Investigate SensoCytes – genetically engineered cells with intracellular sensors.

Assessing neuroinflammation, using iPSC-derived in vitro models

  • Use biological network models and in vitro co-cultures to examine neuroinflammation pathways.

Mechanistic investigations on tobacco plants to understand aerosol chemistry relationships

  • Develop models on the relationship between plant precursors and aerosol chemistry.

Aerosol phase distribution and interactions

  • Dive into particle and gas-vapor phase distributions to support our engineering testing teams.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in systems toxicology

  • Work on innovative applications for neuronal networks to bring AI further into life sciences.

Translational systems biology for new mechanistic disease risk biomarker discovery

  • Collaborate with our Singapore scientists to design an in vivo study for biomarker research.

Breathomics: Analyzing chemical compounds from exhaled breath

  • Identify and analyze chemical and biological markers in breath.

Why join us?

Our facilities – our R&D Center in Neuchâtel, Switzerland (called ‘the Cube’) is a state-of-the-art research facility, with a great view! Plus, our cutting edge technology, tools, and robust scientific methodologies make us an industry leader.

Publish your work – you’ll have the opportunity to publish your research in leading peer-reviewed journals.

Be supported – conduct research with the guidance of a mentor who’s an expert in their field.

We’re international – you’ll have the opportunity to work with colleagues from all over the world.

We’re flexible – we truly believe that your work should fit you and not the other way around, which is achieved through our Flexible Work Arrangement Program.

We’re a certified Top Employer – we consider our employees to be our strongest asset, and we develop talent throughout all levels of the organization.

We are an equal opportunity employer in an inclusive environment – this is part of our organization’s core principles.

If you are interested, wish to contribute to the future of our business and to the new scientific journey of the industry, please visit PMIScience to apply online.


Philip Morris International: Building a Smoke-Free Future

Philip Morris International (PMI) is leading a transformation in the tobacco industry to create a smoke-free future and ultimately replace cigarettes with smoke-free products to the benefit of adults who would otherwise continue to smoke, society, the company and its shareholders. PMI is a leading international tobacco company engaged in the manufacture and sale of cigarettes, smoke-free products and associated electronic devices and accessories, and other nicotine-containing products in markets outside the U.S. PMI is building a future on a new category of smoke-free products that, while not risk-free, are a much better choice than continuing to smoke. Through multidisciplinary capabilities in product development, state-of-the-art facilities and scientific substantiation, PMI aims to ensure that its smoke-free products meet adult consumer preferences and rigorous regulatory requirements. PMI’s smoke-free IQOS product portfolio includes heated tobacco and nicotine-containing vapor products. As of Dec. 31, 2018, PMI estimates that approximately 6.6 million adult smokers around the world have already stopped smoking and switched to PMI’s heated tobacco product, which is currently available for sale in 44 markets in key cities or nationwide under the IQOS brand. For more information, see our PMI and PMIScience websites.

PMI is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Please apply via recruiter’s website.