Aalto University

20 Postdoctoral researcher/Doctoral student positions in Materials Bioeconomy topics

Aalto University

Espoo, Finland

FinnCERES is the joint competence center for the materials bioeconomy between Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, funded by the Academy of Finland’s Flagship Programme. We aim to ensure our sustainable future by developing materials and applications for the future bioeconomy with a solid scientific foundation. FinnCERES provides a unique environment for executing high-quality research, simultaneously fostering industrial collaboration, supporting mobility and continuous self-development. At Aalto, the Flagship is centered in the School of Chemical Engineering, though it spans all six Schools of Aalto. At VTT, the Flagship spans the whole organization, however, focusing strongly on solutions for natural resources and environment as well as knowledge-intensive products and services areas.

FinnCERES is broadening its operations and looking for 20 talented and motivated doctoral students / postdoctoral researchers. The appointments are available immediately.

FinnCERES addresses some of the most urgent global megatrends, such as resource sufficiency, climate change, and quality of life. We aim to turn these challenges to opportunities and solutions that are built on scientific discoveries. Specifically, the purpose of FinnCERES is to develop process technologies for forest biomass to create novel added-value materials and products for applications in packaging, textiles, energy storage, and electronics, among others. We are looking for talents from a broad range of suitable backgrounds, for example in chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, bioengineering, applied physics, or sustainability science, to work on the following themes:

A. Interactions and modelling

• Solvent interactions with cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin

• Multiscale architecture of lignocellulose, access to structure

• Modelling of complex biomaterial systems

B. Biomass fractionation and modification

• Processing and fractionation of plant biomass

• Biological and chemical modification

C. Structured materials

• Development of structured and/or light-weight materials, textiles, biocomposites

• Bio-based materials as plastic alternatives

• Design and consumer-driven approaches to bio-based products

D. Advanced materials and products

• Bio-based solutions for water and/or air purification, electronics, energy

• New business models for future bio-based products

• Sustainable engineering of bio-based products

For more information and application instructions, please see https://finnceres.fi/current-news/now-open-20-doctoral-postdoctoral-positions

Please apply via recruiter’s website.