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CMU - CIMR Joint Invitation for Global Outstanding Talents

Capital Medical University - Chinese Institutes for Medical Research, Beijing
Beijing (CN)
Competitive salary with start-up funds
Closing date
19 Aug 2024

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Biomedicine, Clinical, Health Science, Life Science
Job Type
Faculty Member
Employment - Hours
Full time
Fixed term

In order to accelerate the construction of a world-class research-oriented medical university, promote the innovative development of biomedicine and medical technology in the capital, and support the construction of a talent highland in Beijing, Capital Medical University (CMU) and Chinese Institutes for Medical Research (CIMR), the new research institution, jointly invite outstanding talents worldwide to join us. Gathering outstanding scholars from various disciplines, we work together to promote development.

1. Disciplines

CMU and CIMR are currently looking for outstanding scholars in the fields of basic medicine, biology, pharmacy, public health and preventive medicine, nursing, biomedical engineering, traditional Chinese medicine, innovative drug research, bioinformatics, clinical medicine, medical big data, artificial intelligence, and related cutting-edge interdisciplinary research. The recruitment is standing and applications are welcome at any time this year.

2. Employment Benefits

Accepted applicants will be “dual appointed” by CMU and CIMR, appointed as a teaching-research faculty by CMU, and employed by CIMR as an independent laboratory researcher (PI), offering competitive employment benefits:

  1. Providing internationally competitive research start-up funds and annual operating funds, and advanced research technology support platforms;
  2. Assisting in building research teams. Supporting recruiting postdoctoral researchers, guaranteed enrollment for graduates;
  3. Supporting for applying to various national-level and Beijing municipal talent programs;
  4. Providing internationally competitive salaries based on positions determined by evaluations of CMU and CIMR;
  5. Providing house subsidies or transition apartments based on positions.
  6. Assisting eligible individuals in applying for Beijing household registration in accordance with relevant policies, and addressing needs such as children's education, spouse employment, and work permits for foreign talents.

 3. Application Conditions

  1. The applicants should possess a rigorous scholarly attitude, virtue of teachers, and team spirit, promote the spirit of science and adhere to academic norms.
  2. The applicants must possess a Ph.D. degree, and demonstrate excellent ability in teaching and research.
  3. The applicants should be able to meet the mental and physical demands of working full-time at the University.

4. Application Instructions

  1. Submitting individual applications. Applications will be accepted from the date of release. Applicants should log in to the Capital Medical University recruitment website (, read the application instructions, check the detailed job information, register an account and complete the resume information, fill in the required information, select the desired position(s) (each applicant can apply for up to two positions), and submit the application for the position(s).
  2. 3-4 letters of reference from experts (including one from a postdoctoral supervisor) should be provided. Please ensure your recommenders send their letters directly to designated contacts at CMU and CIMR at the same time.

 5. Contact Information

1) Human Resources Office of CMU

Contact: Mr. Wu

Phone: 010-83911971



Contact: Ms. Yu

Phone: 010-83950648, 18565338396


3) Secondary Units of CMU


College/Clinical College

Contact Person




School of Basic Medical Sciences

Ms. Sun



School of Pharmacy

Ms. Zhao  



 School of Public Health 




School of Nursing

Ms. Zhang



School of Biomedical Engineering

Ms. Ye   



School of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Ms. Xia



School of Medicine and Humanities

Ms. Su



School of General Medicine and Continuing Education

Mr. Hu



Yanjing Medical College

Mr. Zhu













This announcement under the responsibility of CMU and CIMR.

Strong combination of CMU-CIMR, start a new chapter in gathering talent to lead high-quality development!


About Capital Medical University (CMU)

CMU was founded in 1960 and is a key institution of higher learning in Beijing. It is jointly built by the Beijing Municipal Government, the National Health Commission, and the Ministry of Education of China. The late Professor WU Jieping, a renowned expert in urology, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, served as the first president. The current party secretary is Researcher HU Wenliang, and the president is Professor RAO Yi, a prominent molecular neurobiologist in China.

CMU's main campus consists of 11 colleges and 1 research center, including the School of Basic Medical Sciences, School of Pharmacy, School of Public Health, School of Nursing, School of Biomedical Engineering, School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, School of Medical Humanities, School of General Practice and Continuing Education, School of Marxism, International School, and Yanjing Medical College, as well as the Brain Major Disease Research Center. The university has 22 clinical medical colleges (including 20 affiliated hospitals)., 40 clinical subspecialty colleges, departments, and 40 clinical diagnosis and treatment and research centers.

Currently, The university and its affiliated hospitals have 7,266 faculty members, including 7 academicians, 1,176 professors, 1,889 associate professors, 1,281 doctoral supervisors, and 1,793 master's supervisors.

CMU has 8 first-level disciplines authorized to confer doctoral degrees and 13 first-level disciplines authorized to confer master's degrees. According to the statistics of second-level and third-level disciplines, there are 59 doctoral degree authorization points and 77 master's degree authorization points. The university has doctoral and master's degree programs in all medical and medical-related disciplines and has 9 postdoctoral research mobile stations.

CMU has 8 national key disciplines, 2 national key (nurturing) disciplines, 93 national key clinical specialties (including traditional Chinese medicine), 14 key (nurturing) disciplines of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 4 first-level key disciplines in Beijing, 6 second-level key disciplines in Beijing, 1 key cross-disciplinary discipline in Beijing, and 1 Beijing higher education discipline group. 12 disciplines, including Clinical Medicine, Neuroscience and Behavior, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Immunology, Biology and Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Psychiatry and Psychology, General Social Sciences, Microbiology, Chemistry, Materials Science, and Environmental and Ecological Sciences have all entered the top 1% ranking of ESI disciplines worldwide. Among them, Clinical Medicine, Neuroscience and Behavior, and Pharmacology and Toxicology have entered the top 1‰ of ESI disciplines, while Immunology, Biology and Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Psychiatry and Psychology, and General Social Sciences have entered the top 5‰ globally.

CMU has 5 national medical centers, 6 national clinical medical research centers, 2 provincial and ministerial joint innovation centers, 2 Beijing high-level innovative centers, 1 national key laboratory, 1 provincial and ministerial joint construction base for nurturing national key laboratories, 5 key laboratories of the Ministry of Education, 1 laboratory of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, 1 laboratory of the National Medical Products Administration, 3 Beijing laboratories, and 54 Beijing key laboratories. Additionally, CMU has 2 national engineering research center, 1 national engineering technology research center, 4 engineering research centers of the Ministry of Education, and 10 Beijing engineering technology research centers. 

In the past five years, the school has undertaken a total of 3,568 research projects, including those from the National Key Research and Development Program, National Science and Technology Major Projects, National Natural Science Foundation, National Social Science Foundation, Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, and Beijing Municipal Natural Science Foundation. Among these, there were 2,060 national-level research projects. The cumulative research funding amounted to 3.161 billion yuan.

CMU is vigorously implementing the strategy of strengthening the university with talents, gathering global talents and fostering an environment for nurturing talents, supporting talents from all areas to achieve their professional goals, building a top-notch faculty. By implementing the new development philosophy, focusing on promoting high-quality development, behaving practically and realistically, and working together and positively to pursue excellence and enhance the University’s core competitiveness, we are committed to accomplishing the mission of achieving a world-top-class research-oriented medical university.

About Chinese Institutes for Medical Research(CIMR)

The Chinese Institutes for Medical Research (CIMR) is a new research and development institution with independent legal personality that approved by the Beijing Municipal Government. Aiming to improve people’s health, through a variety of novel mechanisms, we are committed to promoting innovation in medicine, research, education and industry, and building a multidisciplinary modern medical research system, to contribute to the goals toward building “Healthy Beijing” and eventually “Healthy china”. Cooperating closely with CMU and its affiliated hospitals with distinctive disciplines, CIMR will fully exploit and utilize the capital’s high-quality and vast clinical resources; commit to exploring and establishing new patterns of medicine-oriented medical research that focus on purposeful, organized research; and establish platforms to promote the transformation of basic and clinical medical research, to promote the combination of basic medical research and translational medical research, and build a world-class pharmaceutical innovation and R&D cluster.

CMU- CIMR Sincerely invite outstanding scholars worldwide to join us!