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Climate Transformation Programme job with Earth Observatory of Singapore

Nanyang Technological University of Singapore
Singapore (SG)
This research is supported by the Ministry of Education, Singapore, under its MOE AcRF Tier 3 Award.
Closing date
21 Jun 2024

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Biomedicine, Earth Science, Engineering, Environmental Science, Health Science
Job Type
PhD Position, Postdoctoral
Employment - Hours
Full time

Programme Overview

The Climate Transformation Programme (CTP) aims to develop, inspire and accelerate knowledge-based solutions and educate future leaders to establish the stable climate and environment necessary for resilient, just, and sustainable Southeast Asian societies.

CTP will generate knowledge and innovation across disciplines including climate and Earth science, ecology, materials science, artificial intelligence, humanities, social sciences and the arts, finance, health, and engineering. It will also translate state-of-the-art scientific results into real world solutions for Singapore, and it will transfer these solutions to Southeast Asia (SEA) and beyond.

The research plan of CTP consists of six strategic and interlinked research clusters:

Project Wide: Lead PI (Director)
Prof. Benjamin Horton.

Cluster 1: Climate processes and extremes
This cluster will address key knowledge gaps in the understanding and modelling of the physical processes and impacts of climate change, with specific focus on Singapore and the equatorial SEA region.
Led by Prof. Adam Switzer, Asst. Prof. Edward Park, Assoc. Prof. Xianfeng Wang, Assoc. Prof. Winston Chow and Asst. Prof. Jingyu Wang.

Cluster 2: Climate and biodiversity
This cluster will assess climate change effects on biodiversity and carbon sequestration in SEA tropical forests and human-modified landscapes.
Led by Asst. Prof. Eleanor Slade, Asst. Prof. Kim Hie Lim and Assoc Prof. Ryan Chisholm.

Cluster 3: Climate mitigation
The cluster will focus on natural and engineered approaches to carbon sequestration, negative emissions pathways, and carbon capture and storage.
Led by Prof. Simon Redfern, and Asst. Prof. Janice Ser Huay Lee.

Cluster 4: Novel engineering solutions for climate impacts
This cluster will explore engineering solutions to adapt to sea-level rise and climate-constrained water resources.
Led by Prof. Chu Jian, Assoc. Prof. Qin Xiaosheng and Asst. Prof. Perrine Hamel.

Cluster 5. Climate and finance markets
This cluster will measure and price climate risk in financial markets, design innovative risk financing solutions to climate change, and quantify economic impact of climate policies.
Led by Prof. Xin Chang, Assoc. Prof. Zhu Wenjun and Asst. Prof. Weikai Li.

Cluster 6. Climate and human health
This cluster will predict the future impacts of climate change on human health.
Led by Assoc. Prof. Steve Yim, Assoc. Prof. Griva Konstadina , Assoc. Prof. Alex Cook, and Prof. Joseph Sung.

Three cross-cutting themes will be key enablers to integrate the individual strategic clusters:

Cross Cutting Theme 1: Sustainable societies
This theme will leverage climate research in communication, public opinion and psychology, and artistic impressions to shape public attitudes and behaviours.
Led by Prof. Shirley Ho, Prof. Edson Tandoc Jr., Assoc. Prof. Sonny Rosenthal, Asst. Prof. Yong Ming Lee, Prof. Ute Meta Bauer, Prof. Thomas Schroepfer and Assoc. Prof. Laura Miotto.

Cross Cutting Theme 2: Satellite remote sensing
This theme will map and monitor the impact and solutions of climate change in SEA.
Led by Assoc. Prof. Sang-Ho Yun, and Prof. Erick Lansard.

Cross Cutting Theme 3: Artificial intelligence
This theme will better understand climate processes, impacts and prepare for a resilient future through Machine Learning and AI.
Led by Prof. Weisi Lin, and Prof. Bo An.

CTP - Image

The 6 strategic research clusters and 3 cross-cutting themes of the Climate Transformation Programme.

CTP has a Stakeholder Management Plan to collaborate with representative stakeholder groups of government, industry, and community. The Stakeholder Management Plan aims to provide opportunities for cross-sector participation that offers users of the CTP both experiences and platforms that translates the research and solutions in a manner that is transferable for decision makers within their organisations.

CTP will build a homegrown scientific community that can respond to Singapore’s and Southeast Asia’s specific needs, providing unparalleled opportunities for advancing knowledge, building capacity in climate science and its impacts on society and the environment, and fostering excellence in environmental stewardship in undergraduate and graduate education and lifelong learning.


We are looking for new additions to our team and would like to invite prospective PhD candidates and post-doctoral fellows to join CTP.

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