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Postdoc recruitment 2024, SUSTech Proteomics Research Group

Shenzhen, Guangdong (CN)
Base annual salary of 390,000 RMB, including 210,000 RMB of living allowance in Guangdong & Shenzhen
Closing date
10 May 2024

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Chemistry, Computing, Health Science, Life Science
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Full time
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Professor Ruijun Tian's team at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), Shenzhen, China has research interest on innovative proteomics technology development for mass spectrometry-based proteomics and their biomedical application for studying intercellular signalling network in tumor microenvironment. The team is a member of the National Key Laboratory of Medical Proteomics and the leading team of the Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Functional Proteomics. The laboratory has a fully functional proteomic research platform, including several high-end mass spectrometers (Exploris 480, timsTOF Pro, etc.), high-performance servers, and cell biology-, biochemistry-, molecular biology-related equipment. In addition, the team is running a joint clinical proteomics laboratory at oncology department of Shenzhen Renming Hospital (the biggest hospital of the city). Our vigorous research team consists of more than 30 doctors, graduate students, and research assistants in a creative academic atmosphere. More information about the team can be found on the Lab's website at

With our recent progress on spatial proteomics and proximity labelling technologies, we are systematically exploring spatiotemporally regulated intercellular signalling network directly from clinical samples and living systems. By collaborating with leading biotech and IVD companies, these research efforts lead to new drug target and biomarker discovery in a systematic manner. To maintain these research efforts, we are now looking for 2-3 postdoctoral fellows or research assistant professors. The specific requirements for applicants are as follows:

Direction 1: Mass spectrometry-based proteomics

Requirements: 1. Ph.D. degree, with professional background in analytical chemistry, biochemistry, and other related majors; and with at least one publication on high-level scientific journals; 2. Well-trained in biological mass spectrometry technology, with years of experience in proteomics or metabolomics research is preferred.

Direction 2: AI-driven bioinformatics analysis and imaging data analysis

Requirements: 1. Ph.D. degree, with bioinformatics, computer science, statistics, and other related research experience; 2. Knowledge of more than one programming language (e.g. R, etc.); Proteomics or genomics data analysis is preferred.

Direction 3: Cancer cell signal transduction and precision medicine

Requirements: 1. Ph.D. degree, with professional background in biochemistry, cell biology, cancer immunology, etc., published at least one high-level research paper; 2. Well-trained in biomedical related experimental techniques, including but not limited to: flow cytometry, primary cell culture, molecular cloning, immunohistochemistry, routine animal experiments, recombinant protein expression and purification.



1. The base annual salary of 390,000 RMB, including 150,000 RMB of living allowance in Guangdong Province and 60,000 RMB of living allowance in Shenzhen is provided. Employees are also eligible for social insurance and housing provident fund. The postdoctoral welfare fee shall be paid according to the standard of the faculty and staff of the university.

2. Particularly outstanding candidates can apply for the President's Outstanding Postdoctoral Fellowship, with an annual salary of up to 415,000 RMB. (including living allowance in Guangdong Province and Shenzhen City).

3. After completing the basic workload of the relevant postdoctoral level, you are eligible for the scientific research achievement award.

4. Postdoctoral fellows who choose to stay in Shenzhen to engage in scientific research and sign a labor (employment) contract with enterprises and institutions in Shenzhen for more than 3 years can apply for Shenzhen postdoctoral research funding. The Shenzhen Municipal Government will provide 300,000 RMB per person for scientific research start-up funding. Those who meet the criteria for the recognition of high-level talents in Shenzhen can apply for talent subsidies (for details, please refer to the relevant policy documents on the official website of the Shenzhen Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau);

5. For outstanding outbound postdoctoral fellows, we will actively recommend applicants to apply for research assistant professors of SUSTech and the First Affiliated Hospital of SUSTech.


If you are interested, please send (1) your resume (including study and work experience, summary of main research work, published articles, etc.) and (2) the contact information of two referees to: or Please specify the inclined direction and the expected arrival time in the letter.


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