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World-Class Leaders for Research in Materials Science

National Institute for Materials Science
Tsukuba, Japan (JP)
Fellow or Distinguished Group Leader Class
Closing date
27 May 2024


National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS, Tsukuba, Japan) is launching an international open call for outstanding researchers who can drive world-class research in materials science, to further strengthen the research at NIMS as a Specified National Research and Development Agency. The successful candidate will receive full support for the prompt start-up and subsequent development of the research activities on his/her new independent research group as Fellow or Distinguished Group Leader through preferential measures such as (1) allocation of a start-up fund (research fund) of around 100 million yen in the first year, (2) assignment of one permanent group member, (3) priority allocation of laboratory space, and (4) planning of special projects from the second year onwards.

The research areas to be recruited: (1) hydrogen-related materials, (2) battery materials, (3) quantum materials, (4) semiconducting materials, (5) artificial intelligence materials, (6) metal and inorganic materials, (7) organic materials, (8) biomaterials, (9) data-driven materials development, and (10) advanced materials analysis technology. Researchers who have world-class achievements in any of the above areas and who are willing to develop them further at NIMS are welcome to apply. We are looking for researchers who can provide strong leadership to take NIMS to a world-class status in the area. 

Employee Incentives

  1. Around 100 million yen will be allocated in the first year as start-up funds for research.
  2. To launch a new group, one researcher (permanent position) will be assigned to the group or recruited as needed.
  3. Laboratory space will be allocated on a priority basis.
  4. Special project planning is offered as a priority from the second year onward.
  5. Faculty members of the NIMS Joint Graduate School Program may supervise graduate students as their primary supervisor. (Additional application to the program is required after the employment.)
  6. Remuneration is at the discretion of the NIMS President. It depends on performance, experience, etc.
  7. Employed as a permanent researcher. The retirement age will be 65 from FY2031. Distinguished Group Leaders may hold the position of group leader until the retirement age. Fellows may retain the research group until the age of 70.
  8. Dual Career Partner Support: If a candidate who has successfully passes this screening process accepts a position at NIMS and wishes to have his/her partner work at NIMS, we will consider hiring the partner. Please consult us.


  1. Internationally outstanding research achievements in the relevant area.
  2. Experience as a Research Group Leader (GL) or Principal Investigator (PI) on large externally funded projects.
  3. Ability to communicate in English to lead the relevant research area at an international level.
  4. PhD. recipient.

How to Apply

Submit the specified application documents via e-mail.

For more information and to apply, visit:


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