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The Recruitment Announcement of Nanhai Institute of Harbin Engineering University

The Introduction of Nanhai Institute of Harbin Engineering University
Yazhou District, Sanya City, Hainan, China
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22 Sep 2023

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Applied Science, Computing, Earth Science, Engineering, Physics
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The Recruitment Announcement of Nanhai Institute of Harbin Engineering University


The Introduction of Harbin Engineering University

Harbin Engineering University originates from the Military Engineering College of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (Harbin Military Industry), which was established in 1953. It is one of the first batch of key universities under the national “Project 211”, and the university under the national “Project 985” advantageous discipline innovation platform projects and it has entered the national "Double First-Class" construction ranks. Now under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, it has become an important talent training and scientific research base in the fields of national "three seas and one nuclear" .

The Introduction of Nanhai Institute of Harbin Engineering University

Nanhai Institute of Harbin Engineering University is in Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City, Sanya. It is an entity with a high degree of integration between human resources training and industrial technology research and an emphasis institution of the Ministry of Education to support Hainan Province in deepening the reform of educational system. It is an important part of Harbin Engineering University in building a world-class university with distinctive characteristics.

Nanhai Institute of Harbin Engineering University is jointly founded by The Education Department of Hainan Province and The People’s Government of Sanya City. Its main responsibilities are to serve the national marine power strategy and the "the Belt and Road" initiative, contributing to the construction of Hainan free trade zone and the free trade port with Chinese characteristics!

Nanhai Institute is geared towards national strategies and the construction needs of Hainan Free Trade Port, gathering international talents, nurturing national pillars, and forging the national important tools and striving to build a deep-sea science and technology talent attraction and training base, a deep-sea science and technology and equipment innovation experimental base, and a practical innovation base for graduate training in marine related disciplines.

Nanhai Institute of Harbin Engineering University is being at the fast development phase. We aim to recruit 20 professional talents in the disciplines of Robotics, Marine Engineering, Marine Science, Mechanics, Control, Mechanics and Acoustics,based on the four main directions described below.

(1) South China Sea Rights Maintenance Equipment Technology

(2) Deep-sea Information Technology.

(3) Deep-sea Energy and Resource Development Equipment Technology.

(4) Marine Ecological Protection and Marine Tourism Equipment Technology.

■Our Opportunities:

The South China Sea Strategy is a major national strategy that personally planned, deployed, and promoted by General Secretary Xi Jinping. The construction of the Nanhai Institute is an important initiative of Harbin Engineering University to actively serve the national strategy of becoming a maritime power and the needs of local economic and social development, as well as to implement the instructions of the leaders of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China. It is an important carrier for the university to explore the deep sea.

■Provide a competitive comprehensive compensation system

●Salary Package

We aim to offer the competitive salary levels in the industry, promising salary increase mechanism. And for the qualified top talents, Nanhai Institute will actively assist in applying for talent recognition and subsidies from Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City (400,000RMB – 4,000,000 RMB), as well as other kinds of talent subsidies and benefits in line with the policy requirements of Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City.

●Research Environment

Provide sufficient research funding (research start-up fund 100,000RMB–1,000,000RMB), long-term financial support for outstanding talents, and assistance in team building.

● Welfare Protection

Assist the introduced talents to settle in Hainan and obtain the qualification of purchasing houses and cars in Hainan; pay high standard of five social insurance and one housing fund, as well as commercial accident insurance.

● Staff Care

Free annual medical check-ups and support for cultural and sports activities.

● Children Care

Multiple ways to assist with children's schooling.

● Career Development

Multiple promotion paths (with special channels for senior professional and technical positions), individual career plans and comprehensive development training.

●Talent Services

Professional talent services, assistance in applying for various talent projects and scientific research funding.

■ Ten Reasons to Choose Us

1. Career Development Opportunities are Highly Compatible with National Strategies

The construction of Hainan Free Trade Port is a major strategic decision made by the General Secretary Xi Jinping. By the middle of this century, Hainan will be fully built into a high-level free trade port with strong international influence. It is a unique opportunity for the international talents to participate in the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port to serve the major national strategies such as the strategy of building an ocean power and "the Belt and Road" initiative.

2、Great Geographical Advantage and Beautiful Campus Environment

Hainan is uniquely located in the center of the economic circle combining East Asia area and Southeast Asia area, which has the best ecological environment in the country. Nanhai Institute is located in Sanya, Hainan Province. Sanya is an international tourist city with tropical seaside scenery, and the Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City adopts advanced design concepts and high standards to create a public teaching area with a beautiful and picturesque campus environment.

3、Directly Employed as Professors or Associate Professors

The University will directly employ 100 professors under the age of 35 in the next three years. Applicants would have important career development opportunities and favorable policies.

4、Great Remuneration Package

The remuneration package is comparable to that of universities in South East China based on different backgrounds of candidates. candidates would enjoy the tax benefits of the Hainan Free Trade Zone, the actual tax burden of personal income tax for high-end and scarce talents exceeding 15% will be exempted.

5、Superior Research Platforms and Experimental Sites

The university's annual per capita research expenditure exceeds one million RMB, and it has personalized research facilities and several major national research platforms. The Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City has a public innovation platform for deep-sea science and technology, a supercomputing center and an analysis and testing center, which are available for scientific research units and university personnel to carry out various scientific research experiments using a shared concept.

6、The Strongest Incentive for Scientific Research Policy

Horizontal scientific research is completely autonomous and vertical scientific research staff are also paid for their labor, giving full play to the motivation of scientific researchers. Young talents are provided with a research start-up fund of 500,000 RMB, office and laboratory space, and high-level talents are provided with a research start-up fund of no less than 2,000,000 RMB. The four regions of Harbin, Yantai, Qingdao, and Hainan open channels for scientific research, talent recognition and scientific research achievements declaration.

7、Pursue First-Class Team Culture

The top research team will bring you into the industry and academia quickly.

8、Meet Housing Demands of Candidates

●Provide turnkey talent turnover flat with an area of at least 80 square feet.

●Solve the qualification of purchasing a house in Hainan

●Assist the talents to purchase the settled commodity property with refined decoration in the Science and Technology City equivalent to 60% of the market price of commercial housing in Sanya according to the regulations.

9、All-Round Talent Policy

●Assist talents to settle in Hainan.

●Assist candidates to carry out the identification of high-level talents in Hainan Province and Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City.

●Enjoy the incentive funds for talent identification. Candidates can apply for housing purchase subsidies and talent settlement incentives.

●Arrange for your children to attend a quality school such as Huan Dao Primary School in Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City. Families could enjoy the tuition fee waiver policy for the children of teachers from universities located in Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City.

10、Employed Based on Staffing of Government Affiliated Institutions

●Outstanding top talents could be directly employed as professors or associate professors.


■The Successful Candidates

Distinguished Leading Talents

●Strong academic leadership.

●Significant achievements in scientific research recognized by peers at home and abroad, and the ability to lead relevant disciplines to catch up or maintain international leadership.

Young Leading Talents

●Candidates have strong academic influence and have achieved leading academic achievements in their research areas at home or in the world.

●The academic influence is among the forefront of young and middle-aged scholars in their field both at home and abroad.

●Young Leading Talents will be trained to be selected as national leading talents in the future.

Outstanding Young Teachers

●Candidates should have strong academic potential, with PhD degree from national and international universities, and an excellent academic foundation and the potential to grow into young leaders.

Postdoctoral Innovative Talents

●Candidates should be no more than 35 years old and possess strong academic innovation capabilities.

●No more than 3 years since obtaining a PhD. Relying on the postdoctoral workstation of Harbin Engineering University to carry out postdoctoral research.


Recruitment Positions: Lecturers, Full-time scientific research staff  

Headcount in Demand:20


●Carrying out education, teaching, and research work.

●Cultivating morality, cultivating talents.

●Academic Innovation.

●Social Service.


The Research Directions:Robotics, Marine Engineering, Marine Science, Machinery, Control, Mechanics, Acoustics

Contacts: Weina Zhao

Phone Number: +86-0898-88837877


Address:Building 6,Yongyou Industrial Park,

Yazhou District, Sanya City, Hainan Province

Postcode: 572024

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