10th International Multithematic Bio-Medical Congress (IMBMC) Scientific Cyprus

School of Medicine, European University Cyprus

03 November 2022

The venue of the congress is the Cultural Center of School of Medicine, European University Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus

Registration Deadline

03 November 2022
Dear Congress Participants,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the 10th International Multythematic Medical/Bio-Medical Scientific Cyprus Congress that is organized by the School of Medicine of the European University Cyprus (EUC), that is taking place in Nicosia, Cyprus on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of November 2022. The registration is free of Charge.

As a result of the pandemic situation the event was canceled for the year 2020 but we could not resist of coming back to the tradition for this year.

The School of Medicine of the EUC and Myself personally welcome all distinguished invited keynote and plenary speakers and the medical/ Biomedical/ Scientific community as well as the delegates from all over the world (USA, Greece, Poland, UK, Finland, Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, Italy, Germany, France, Austria and other) that are attending each year this exceptionally high quality and high caliber Multidisciplinary Medical/Scientific Symposium.

I thank the abstract /poster participants that are sending their original work each year from the higher Institutions around the Globe.

Now the only thing we are trying doing is to keep this congress at highest possible level. The level of excellence as a medium of a Continued Medical Education for the professionals in Medicine/Biomedical Science, but also as an international arena of dissemination of novelties and scientific excellence in these fields.

Our congress is now a three-days event with participation and submission of more than 220 abstracts with 55 selected for the “Poster Sessions” that are also published in the ISBN referenced congress abstract book. Much more are expected for this year. Please submit your abstract early enough.

Endorsing congresses by the level of original scientific work presented is not happening every day. Our congress has been internationally recognized by one of the most trustable and reputable publishers in the world; through Meeting Reports in the Nature-Publisher-journal “Cell Death & Disease” for six consecutive years.

This alone indicates the quality, seriousness and scientific prestige of the conference.

Our Congress will not only remain one of the major scientific events but will continue to serve as a primary forum for global academic exchange. In addition to reviewing the latest scientific developments and best clinical practices across the basic, clinical and translational contents presented at the meeting, the rich social program provides the opportunities for networking with colleagues from around the world in an exciting environment. The EUC Multi-thematic Congress indubitably provide the opportunity to interact with colleagues and stimulate the creative and productive exchange of ideas for a personally and professionally rewarding experience. Its overall mission is to promote the advancement of Science/Medicine, knowledge and its humane and benevolent applications Globally, accounting the role of Cyprus as a gateway of knowledge and innovation.

Finally, I would like to thank the sponsors of the congress.

This year, IMBMC will continue providing a higher interactive platform for Research and Innovation, Drug Discovery, Diagnostics, Epidemics, Clinical practice and Clinical Management and includes sessions in:

Human Genetics, Cardiology, hematology, Diabetes/endocrinology, Cancer, Robotic Surgery, Neurology.

All invited Speakers are of the highest scientific status, Specialist in their field including Nobel Laureates including the distinguished Professor Dr Gregg L. Semenza, MD, Ph.D., (Nobel Laureate 2019), Johns Hopkins University USA and Professor Dr. Kypros Nicolaides Maternal and Fetal Medicine expert, King's College Hospital, London. One of the pioneers of fetal medicine.

“Come and meet with some of the World Greatest Minds”

The conference is being held in November one of the best times to visit the island and enjoy its natural beauty as well as history.

I feel confident that you will enjoy both, the scientific program and the unique Mediterranean Island of Cyprus.

The venue of the congress is the Cultural Center of EUC in Nicosia, Cyprus.

The founder, organizer, and chairman of the event is the member of the Faculty of Medicine, Professor Dr Ioannis S. Patrikios, of the School of Medicine of the European University Cyprus (EUC).

We hope to see you for a successful and exiting productive meeting