Neurodegeneration: New Biology Guiding the Next Generation of Therapeutic Development

Keystone Symposia

15 May 2023

Whistler Conference Centre

Registration Deadline

15 March 2023

The aging of world societies has brought with it an increased burden of neurodegenerative disease. Age-related neurological disorders have proven relatively resistant to intervention, however, recent expansion and refinement of various -omics technologies has resulted in the identification of novel genetic risk loci and key biological hubs mediating neurodegeneration. Genome editing and induced pluripotent stem cell technologies have also revolutionized disease modeling in human cells. These approaches have resulted in a growing appreciation that disruptions in metabolism, neuroimmune interactions and neurovascular coupling, among other mechanisms, are critical players in degenerative disease. Further, advancements in biomarker identification are allowing both for earlier diagnosis of disease and for more targeted treatments. Equally important, a number of novel concepts provide great hope for effective therapeutic interventions. We bring together leaders from all of these areas, with diverse ideas, expertise and experience, to push forward the common goal of understanding the molecular, cellular and circuit level etiologies underlying neurodegenerative disease, and to facilitate effective treatment of such disorders.