Fibrosis Pathogenesis and Resolution: From Mechanisms to Therapies

Keystone Symposia

19 March 2023

Fairmont Banff Springs

Registration Deadline

19 January 2023

Human fibrotic diseases are characterized by progressive tissue scarring in response to overwhelming or chronic injury, ultimately leading to organ failure and death. Fibrotic diseases cause healthcare costs reaching $10 billion per year. These costs are expected to further increase with our aging populations, our increasing capacity to diagnose fibrotic disorders and the emergence of novel infectious agents such as SARS-CoV-2, which can promote the development of fibrosis. Main goal of this meeting will be to identify common and distinct mechanisms driving fibrosis in response to different insults (e.g., viral infection, trauma, oncogenic injury). This conference will also address three emerging questions in the field including: a) mechanisms amplifying and perpetuating tissue fibrosis, such as aging, epigenetics, and mechanobiology, b) the relevance of fibroblast heterogeneity in tissue repair and fibrosis, and c) understanding the mechanisms promoting fibrosis resolution and regeneration to devise novel strategies to truly regenerate fibrotic organs. This forum will also focus on major clinical challenges including the lack of robust fibrosis biomarkers, safety endpoints, and clinical trial endpoints. Advances in these areas will break down barriers in translating anti-fibrotic therapies from bench to bedside. Two additional workshops will also discuss: a) emerging technologies and models to study human fibrosis, and b) fibrosis research funding and academia-industry collaborations. The proposed conference will accelerate fibrosis research and anti-fibrotic drug discovery by fostering interdisciplinary interactions among a diverse group of physicians and scientists from both academic institutions and the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.