The Human Microbiome: Ecology and Evolution

Keystone Symposia

04 December 2022

Fairmont Banff Springs

Registration Deadline

05 October 2022

This Keystone Symposia conference will explore the evolutionary and ecological forces shaping the interplay between the human host and microbiome. The microbiome is implicated in a widening set of disease conditions, yet many questions remain as to how its diversity and composition are assembled and maintained. This program is designed to take on the topic of the microbiome across scales, integrating the latest understanding of human microbiome diversity across time and space, and delving into the molecular interactions that shape the associations. This conference aims to understand how movement of human populations, past and present, shape patterns of microbiome diversity. The program will include sessions on deciphering evolutionary dynamics linking microbiota to the human host, as well as discussions on understanding the co-evolution of humans with the microbiome at level of interactions at the molecular scale. Other topics will assess how interactions between host and microbiome can be harnessed for health. Through integration of patterns, processes and theory derived from human and non-human systems, attendees will gain an integrated view of microbiome diversity across modern human populations, and their interactions in host health.