Lessons from the Pandemic: Responding to Emerging Zoonotic Viral Diseases

Keystone Symposia

10 April 2022

Snowbird Resort

Registration Deadline

10 February 2022

Seventeen years after the SARS "pandemic", the international community (both scientific and non-scientific) was still not ready to respond to COVID-19. This meeting will focus on the gaps identified from the COVID-19 pandemic and address the needs for improvement.

Expected outcomes/novelty: new approaches to both the technical and policy aspects of pandemic preparedness.

1) Timing of the meeting allows us to focus on a very important topic;

2) The unpresented surge of scientific focus and government/business investment for COVID-19 w;

3) By focusing on both science and policy areas, we hope to facilitate a paradigm shift in this area by bringing interdisciplinary groups;

4) Although the main focus will obviously be on coronaviruses, but we will do our best to include other high profile EID viral pathogens for some meaningful comparative analysis

5) The COVID-19 response illustrates, for the first time in recent history, the importance of manufacturing in pandemic preparedness and we propose a special session for that

6) This will be a stand-alone meeting.