Precision Genome Engineering

Keystone Symposia

13 February 2022

Fairmont Chateau Whistler

Registration Deadline

15 December 2021

Precision genome engineering has completely revolutionized biological research and is making groundbreaking inroads to therapies. Progress is rapid and the ability for researchers to meet and network is essential in order to stay updated with the latest advances in the field. This conference will focus on new fundamental CRISPR-Cas biology, creation of new genome engineering tools (both CRISPR-Cas and otherwise), provide updates on new biological applications, and discuss the latest advances on applications moving towards market, such as therapies and agricultural developments. The Keystone Symposia conference on CRISPR has been a benchmark of the field and draws large audiences. The continued development of creative new tools and further progress towards real-world application will be a big attraction for participants. This conference will also include workshops and panels on ethical questions that will enrich the scientific program. Finally, this meeting will be held jointly with the Keystone Symposia conference Emerging Cellular Therapies. This is an ideal pairing as genome engineering has become de rigueur in this arena. Genome engineer attendees will benefit by learning pain points and missing pieces in the field of cellular therapy, and cell therapy attendees will benefit by hearing about the latest and greatest coming at break-neck speed from the genome engineering field.