Targeted Protein Degradation: From Small Molecules to Complex Organelles

Keystone Symposia

06 June 2021

Vienna BioCenter, IMP Lecture Hall

Registration Deadline

06 June 2021

Targeted protein degradation plays a critical role in regulating virtually all cellular functions, and as such, its dysfunction is associated with severe pathologies including diseases like cancer, neurodegeneration and aging diseases. Fundamental insights into protein clearance pathways might therefore be harnessed for therapeutic applications against a range of diseases. While much progress has been made in revealing mechanisms of autophagy and the ubiquitin-proteasome system, the major protein degradation pathways defined thus far, these fields remain isolated from each other despite the interconnection of these processes. There is urgent need to discuss the interplay of these pathways at the molecular and cellular levels to integrate our understanding of these processes and how they contribute to disease pathology. This meeting will bring together researchers from these different fields, who do not typically interact at conferences, to build a holistic and integrated vision of protein degradation. Such an integrative meeting highlighting the connections between the different branches of protein degradation research does not yet exist, so this meeting will be the first of its kind to reshape how these fields interact and collaborate to yield transformative insights into both basic science and disease processes. Topics of discussion will include: (1) Substrate recognition and processing by energy-dependent proteases, autophagy and lysosomal pathways; (2) Signals targeting proteins to distinct degradation pathways; (3) Interplay between proteolytic systems and chaperone pathways; (4) Reprogramming degradation with small molecules for therapeutic applications; (5) Degradation programs driving global proteome remodeling. Attendees will be exposed to novel perspectives, as well as methods, techniques and approaches, that will advance research within their field, and across the protein degradation landscape as a whole.