EMBO | EMBL Symposium: Innate immunity in host-pathogen interactions


17 July 2022

EMBL Advanced Training Centre

Registration Deadline

05 June 2022
Symposium Overview
This symposium provides a discussion platform for all scientists interested in the biology of infection. Cell biologists, microbiologists and immunologists will discuss in joint sessions recent progress in our understanding of host-pathogen interactions. Talks will focus on common processes, rather than particular infectious agents or host cell types, and the strategies of all major types of pathogens in their interaction with plants and animals will be covered. A better understanding of infectious diseases will come from the simultaneous analysis of microbial and host variables, which may open new avenues for treatment and prevention strategies.

Session Topics
Sensing pathogens
The cell biology of infection
Fungus-host interactions
Cell-autonomous immunity
Pathological consequences of infection and inflammation
Microbiota and pathogen control