The Strategic Digital Pharma Marketing Course


15 December 2020


Registration Deadline


  • How to integrate digital into your overall pharma marketing, sales and medical education strategy.
  • A step-wise process to define a multi-channel customer engagement strategy.
  • The 6 multi-channel communication strategies to consider.
  • The possibilities, impact and best practices of each digital communication channel.
  • Know how to select the best-suited digital tactics and how to implement them.
  • Know which KPIs to use to measure the ROI of your digital tactics.
  • How to correctly use key measurement tools, such as the MCQ, the NPS, etc.
  • Learn from real-life examples to avoid pitfalls and gain new ideas.

Additional Benefits

  • You will be able to put theory into practice during group work on the Elbonia case, developed by Across Health.
  • Receive Across Health’s training book ‘Delighting Pharma Customers in the Omnichannel Age’.