TMS Certification Course & Masterclass

Brainclinics Foundation

12 April 2023

Landgoed Brakkesteyn

Registration Deadline

31 January 2023

Join us for an exciting once yearly Brainclinics Foundation event, the TMS Masterclass & TMS Certification Course in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. On April 12-14, we will take you from the basics of TMS and Brain Stimulation on day 1, to exciting new developments in the field of Brain Stimulation and TMS with world-renowned speakers on day 2 and 3. We’re excited to welcome a great line-up of keynote speakers who will share with you their latest insights and research, including Shan Siddiqi, Odile A. van den Heuvel, Jonathan Downar and Martijn Figee and Martijn Arns. Topics that will be covered are circuit-based Brain Stimulation and TMS, new clinical indications of TMS including OCD, alternative coil positions, accelerated TMS and iTBS, precision TMS, stratified psychiatry and TMS induced heart-brain coupling/NCG-TMS.

The full three days fulfil the required blueprint of the Dutch Brain Stimulation Foundation for TMS Certification, and the 2 or 3 days qualify for continuing education credits for recertification. Accreditation with the NVvP and FGzP has been requested: 13 points for the masterclass (day 2 & 3) and 20 points for the certification course (all 3 days).

We have limited availability, so sign up below and enjoy the early bird discount until January 31st 2023.