Myeloid Cells: Development, Diversity and Distinct Biological Roles

Keystone Symposia

16 April 2023

Snowbird Resort

Registration Deadline

16 February 2023

It is increasingly appreciated that myeloid cells participate critically in a variety of physiological and pathophysiological processes and that targeting myeloid cells, either at the stage of their development or as they mature, may be successfully harnessed in the treatment of cancers or infectious disease. The application of a fast-growing omics technologies are being applied by the field to aid in our quest to increase understanding of myeloid cell diversity and the potential of targeting them therapeutically. At the same time, fundamental questions about myeloid cell identity and function remain unknown. This conference will address these frontiers as it aims to attract speakers and attendees across the full breadth of the field. Key talks will be included to focus on the application of new technologies in the field, the advances they bring, best-practice application, and potential complications in analysis. Significant focus will also be given to the role of myeloid cells in cancer and metastasis, including the fast-growing area of how neutrophils aid tumor metastasis. Basic science that covers myeloid cell development and function will be interspersed with talks on the role of myeloid cells in disease states. In the last decades, the number of outstanding scientists in the field has grown tremendously, and the meeting will showcase this growth through inclusion of many new faces in the field.