Molecular Basis of Healthy Aging

Keystone Symposia

26 March 2023

Beaver Run Conference Center

Registration Deadline

25 January 2023

This meeting will explore the biological mechanisms that regulate trajectories of aging and enhance organismal resilience. Speakers will share lessons learned from multiple organ systems, organisms, and experimental model systems, with a broad scope spanning molecular to systems approaches. Emphasis will be placed on recent technological and conceptual innovations and translational opportunities that have opened new frontiers in the effort to protect health during aging. Particular topics of focus will include discussion of accelerated trajectories of aging as a result of stress, disease, genetic, epigenetic and external (sleep, nutrition, light and other pollution) influences, unique opportunities created by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for meta-analyses of aging trajectories and biomarkers, and novel therapeutic approaches including gene therapies, senolytic, senomorphic and immune modulating drugs, and cellular replacement therapies. Although the research areas covered in this meeting touch on several cross-cutting themes, many of the invited speakers and anticipated attendees do not typically interact, attending instead more narrow, organ- or cell type-specific conferences limited to consideration of the intersection with aging biology of just one of the focus areas proposed for inclusion in our conference (e.g., Aging and Regeneration, or Immunosenescence, or Neurodegeneration and Aging, or Gerontology). In this regard, our proposed conference will offer much greater opportunities for cross-fertilization of ideas and catalysis of novel research directions and collaborations than other aging-related meetings). In assembling the draft program, we also paid particular attention to ensuring representation of a diverse spectrum of researchers, in terms of primary discipline, experimental approach, education and training, geography and institutional affiliation, ethnicity, gender and career stage. We anticipate that the diversity of our roster of speakers, together with the intimate format of the Keystone Symposium, will provide a highly conducive atmosphere for the open, active and interdisciplinary exchange of ideas, as well as crucial opportunities for more junior scientists to receive mentorship and professional feedback and advice. Specific Aims of the meeting include: 1. To disseminate and discuss new information and novel concepts relevant to aging and resilience. 2. To develop integrative models of aging physiology and identify promising opportunities for advancing geroprotective therapies. 3. To catalyze new, interdisciplinary collaborations and novel lines of scientific investigation, based on cross-cutting interests and technological synergies. 4. To support the career development of early stage investigators, particularly those from demographic groups historically underrepresented in biological sciences.