Organoids as Models of Development and Disease, and their Impact on Drug Discovery

Keystone Symposia

05 February 2023

Keystone Resort

Registration Deadline

06 December 2022

Stem cell and tissue-derived organoids are three-dimensional, in vitro cellular models that faithfully recapitulate many features of a variety of organ systems. As such, they represent human tissue avatars, and have been used to study stem cell biology, organ development, the earliest stages of organismal development, and disease. The goals of this symposium are to highlight the impact of organoids in our understanding of development and disease, how organoids are being used in drug discovery, and their potential as therapeutics. Attendees will be exposed to the latest advances and discoveries that have resulted from the establishment and use of organoids in basic research and drug discovery. Together with the Stem Cell meeting, we expect that attendees will also form new connections and collaborations with researchers across the academic and industry communities.