Biomolecular Condensates: Emerging Cellular and Biophysical Roles

Keystone Symposia

29 January 2023

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

Registration Deadline

29 November 2022

Since the previous Keystone meeting on Biomolecular Condensates there has been an explosion of interest and novel discoveries implicating intracellular phase transitions as a major route to generation of membraneless biomolecular condensates. Further, the functions associated with the phenomenology of phase transitions and the spatial and temporal regulation afforded by biomolecular condensates are multi-fold. It appears that condensates or some variants thereof are implicated in essentially all aspects of cellular functions, physiology, and disease. The second iteration of the Keystone meeting aims to bring together a strong focus on emerging themes, with a new raft of speakers. The talks will feature a truly diverse group of speakers who will touch upon the physical principles underlying phase transitions, the structural aspects of condensates, and the roles of condensates in providing integrated responses, in space and time, that directly influence cellular functions and pathophysiology.