Inborn Errors of Immunity: From Genetics to Basic Immunological Principles to Therapy

Keystone Symposia

05 December 2022


Registration Deadline

05 December 2022

Inborn errors of immunity (IEIs) are a growing group of over 400 genetic disorders in which individuals present with immune deficiency, immune dysregulation, or both. IEIs combine genomics, next generation transcriptomics and epigenomics, biochemistry, as well as innate and adaptive immunology research, with diverse aspects of clinical medicine ranging from clinical genetics and immunology to metabolism, neurology and dermatology, to name only a few. Bridging these canonically isolated fields into a coherent collaborative scientific enterprise is both essential and a challenge. The conference is focused on showcasing the genetic errors of the immune system affecting both the innate and adaptive branches. Moreover, it will greatly evolve this emerging field by identifying, studying and crosspollinating studies which discuss both pro- and anti- inflammatory and infectious immune effectors. Finally, this program will also address knowledge gaps in pathways that regulate these immune effectors and suggest rational approaches to target these in patients.