Mitochondria, Metabolism and Heart

Keystone Symposia

28 September 2022

Beaver Run Conference Center

Registration Deadline

28 July 2022

Mitochondria are the established powerhouses of the cell, responsible for generating ATP via oxidative metabolism and electron transport. This conference will focus in on the role of mitochondria in heart health and metabolism. Mitochondrial transporters regulate mitochondrial calcium levels which in turn are important in regulating cell metabolism and death. Alterations in mitochondrial function and metabolism have been identified as important regulators of cardiovascular diseases like heart failure. Despite the importance of mitochondria in health and disease, the identity of many ion transporters is not yet known. In particular, the identity of the mitochondrial permeability pore that regulates cell death is still debated. In addition, the link from mitochondrial dynamics and metabolism to cell death is poorly understood. The conference program will emphasize experts using novel approaches such as high-resolution imaging techniques, metabolomics, proteomics and systems biology to elucidate mechanisms by which mitochondrial transporters and mitochondrial dynamics regulate metabolism, death and disease. Finally, this conference is paired with the Keystone Symposium on Heart Failure: Mechanisms and Therapies. This pairing will include two joint sessions that will focus on mitochondrial function and metabolism, respectively.