Adipose Tissue and Metabolic Health

Keystone Symposia

07 August 2022

Fairmont Chateau Whistler

Registration Deadline

07 August 2022

Like the obesity and Type 2 epidemic, our understanding of adipocytes and adipose tissue biology continues to expand. Substantial research advances have led to new insights into the contributions of adipose tissue to normal physiology and obesity-related complications, which places adipocyte biology at the epicenter of a global pandemic of metabolic diseases. Our proposed Keystone Symposia conference “Adipose Tissue and Metabolic Health” will consider the locations and functions of different adipose tissue depots, as well as recent studies that use stable isotopies to provide insight into how formation and turnover of adipocyte contributes to metabolic diseases. The secretory capacities of adipose tissue will be covered in several different sessions including “Influences of Adipose Tissue Immune Cells” and “New Adipose Tissue Products-Exosomes and Lipid Containing Vesicles”. Arguably one of the most significant discoveries in the last two decades of adipocyte research, is that adipocytes not only release endocrine hormones, but fat cells and adipose tissue secrete a variety of effectors, including exosomes, miRNA, lipids, inflammatory cytokines, and peptide hormones that act in both paracrine and endocrine capacities to impact local and systemic metabolic responses. Hence, talks on inflammation, metabolically healthy fat, and adipose tissue expansion are also covered in our eight-session program. In addition, we have proposed a session on alternate models (flies, fish, and worms) that are currently used to study adipose tissue and metabolic diseases. Overall, we propose a program that should be highly informative to research scientists in academia and industry who have an interest in the contribution of adipose tissue to metabolic disease states.