AI, Neuroscience and Hardware: From Neural to Artificial Systems and Back Again

Nature Conferences

07 September 2022

Deutsches Zentrum für Neurodegenerative Erkrankungen e. V. (DZNE)

Registration Deadline

07 September 2022

Presented by: DZNE; Nature Electronics; Nature Machine Intelligence, Nature Communications

Artificial intelligence (AI) and neuroscience have closely interacted and inspired each other since the beginning of AI as a field. With the advances in deep learning that have emerged over the last decade or so, AI has transformed many specific applications in science and society, from biomedical imaging to voice assistants and self-driving cars; developments that were also made possible due to the availability of advanced computing hardware and vast amounts of data. Now, the time has come to push AI beyond narrow applications and renew the close collaboration with neuroscience, seeking fresh ideas to enrich both fields. Such endeavours could lead to AI approaches that, like biological brains, can learn efficiently from small data sets, can deduce causal interactions, and can easily adapt to new problems. In turn, these computational advances can feedback into neuroscience itself, a field that has become highly data-intensive. But such developments also require novel computing hardware that is significantly more efficient than previous systems, and, again, neuroscience can offer inspiration in their creation. This conference aims to bring together researchers from across AI, neuroscience, and computing hardware in order to explore these challenges and help transfer ideas from neural to artificial systems and back again.