Nature Conference: Understanding COVID-19 to prepare for the next pandemic

Nature Conferences

04 April 2022

Virtual Conference

Registration Deadline

05 April 2022

Presented by: Nature Medicine

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised crucial awareness of the challenges and knowledge gaps facing efforts to ensure pandemic preparedness. In this conference, we aim to discuss some of the key findings derived from the global response to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and their much-needed implementation for the mitigation of any future pandemic. Bringing together experts in infectious disease diagnostics, surveillance, vaccine development and therapeutics, we will focus on solutions to the research, clinical and public health challenges of a novel virus outbreak that will enable a swifter and more focused response to the next global pandemic.

Session topics include:

  • Understanding immune responses
  • Diagnostics and therapeutics
  • COVID-19 risk factors and sequelae
  • Challenges to pandemic responses
  • Future pandemics: applying advances