EMBL Course: Structural bioinformatics


17 October 2022


Registration Deadline

08 July 2022
Structural biology, determining the three-dimensional shapes of biomacromolecules and their complexes, can tell us a lot about how these molecules function and the roles they play within a cell. Data derived from structure determination experiments enables life-science researchers to address a wide variety of questions. 2021 marks 50 years of the Protein Data Bank (PDB), the single worldwide archive of experimental biomacromolecular structures, highlighting the depth of knowledge available for understanding molecular structure and function.

This course explores bioinformatics data resources and tools for the investigation, analysis, and interpretation of biomacromolecular structures. It will focus on how best to analyse and interpret available structural data to gain useful information given specific research contexts. The course content will also cover predicting protein structure and function, and exploring interactions with other macromolecules as well as with low-MW compounds. There will also be a short session covering the new AI-predicted protein structures database, AlphaFold DB.