EMBO Practical Course: Current methods in cell biology


04 September 2022

EMBL Advanced Training Centre

Registration Deadline

24 July 2022
Course Overview
Experience modern cell biology at work: not only see but also try out in practice how cutting-edge technologies can be used to answer questions at the frontiers of cell biology.
It is a tradition that the entire faculty of the Cell Biology and Biophysics Unit of EMBL teaches the course to cover a broad spectrum of techniques.
The course also provides an excellent opportunity for participants and course faculty to discuss current and future challenges in cell biology.

The course will be primarily aimed at postdocs and advanced graduate students who have developed an interest in cell biology. We wish to attract cell biologists who want to acquire quantitative, biophysical, and computational methods as well as scientists (including early-career principle investigators) with different backgrounds (including physics, chemistry, engineering, informatics, etc) who want to use their expertise to address current problems in cell biology. We aim to balance the number of participants with a background in biology and participants coming from other disciplines. A key criterium for selection is the potential benefit of adding novel cell biological methods to the students’ own research plans. Preference will be given to students where there is little or no possibility that the student can acquire these technologies at her/his home institution.