EMBL Conference: Microfluidics 2022


11 July 2022

EMBL Advanced Training Centre

Registration Deadline

30 May 2022
Conference Overview
Microfluidic tools have made recent biological and biomedical research leaps possible. At the physics, engineering, chemistry and biology interface, innovation in microfluidic approaches has positively impacted areas as diverse as nucleotide sequencing, functional genomics, single-cell and single-molecule studies, and biomedical diagnostics. Many of these applications – including next-generation sequencing devices – have been revolutionised by miniaturisation, paving the way for global gene analysis and hence transforming biology. Working on the pico- to nanoliter scale not only allows a high degree of parallelisation, but importantly offers superb spatiotemporal control. Small objects such as cells, or even discrete parts thereof, can be exposed to unique conditions, facilitating entirely novel approaches to inquiry in modern biology and chemistry.
The EMBL Microfluidics Conference brings together top researchers and emerging research leaders to spark scientific exchange and create community. Topics spanning from fundamental physics & chemistry to device design and nascent biological applications will be presented, which should be of interest to everyone from experts in microfluidic design to users of the next-generation of microfluidic tools, and from academic scholars and trainees to industry colleagues.

Session Topics
Probing biology
Next-generation device design and emerging applications
Disease diagnostics, analytical chemistry and chemical synthesis
Single-cell and single-molecule analyses