EMBO | EMBL Symposium: Cellular mechanisms driven by phase separation


09 May 2022

EMBL Advanced Training Centre

Registration Deadline

28 March 2022
Symposium Overview
Phase separation is emerging as a common biophysical basis underlying many important cellular functions. This conference will bring together scientists from soft matter, polymer physics, molecular biology, structural biology, and cell and developmental biology to study condensates in biology and disease. Goals are
to increase the awareness how important phase separation is for our understanding of many biological processes
to explore the large repertoire of new tools generated by other disciplines that are ripe to be applied to complex problems related to phase separation
to close the gap in transdisciplinary training to tackle the role of phase separation in biology

Session Topics
Phase-separated compartments in the cell
Molecular mechanisms of phase separation
Phase separation, a polymer physics perspective
Phase separation in developmental biology and non-linear signalling
The pathological face of phase separation
Protein structure in the condensed state
Phase separation in neurobiology