EMBL Course: Single-cell RNA-seq analysis using Galaxy


07 March 2022


Registration Deadline

07 January 2022
This course utilises Galaxy pipelines, an online open-access resource that allows even the most computer-phobic bench scientists to analyse their biological data. Participants will be guided through the droplet-based scRNA-seq analysis pipelines from raw reads to trajectories, for mammalian and plant genomes.

Please note that although participants will not be able to use their own data during the course practicals, there will be ample time to discuss their research and ideas with both course participants and trainers. As part of this, participants will present lightning talks on their research topics. Near the end of the course, participants will engage in small group discussions about their research challenges and problems with each other and the trainers at the ‘Talk with Trainers’. Applications are open until 7 January 2022.