Human Evolution – From Fossils to Ancient and Modern Genomes

Wellcome Genome Campus

02 November 2021


Registration Deadline

05 October 2021

The conference aims at bringing together population and evolutionary geneticists, archaeologists, linguists, palaeontologists, primatologists and medical geneticists to discuss advances in the field of human evolution.

The combination of genome sequencing tools, recent archaeological and palaeontological discoveries is reshaping our understanding of both human evolution and history. This meeting will highlight the emerging archaeological discoveries and advances in genetic and linguistic ancient DNA methods that are transforming the field.

This year’s conference will not only focus on human demography, genetic admixture and adaptation but will also explore human evolution and disease, population structure, palaeoanthropology as well as languages and culture. Topics will include:

- Human Evolution and disease

- Ancient and modern genetic admixture

- Inferring human demography from genomic data

- Population Structure

- Human Adaptation

- Palaeoanthropology / Human Evolution

- Languages, culture and history