British Yeast Group: from genomes to cells

Microbiology Society

01 September 2021


Registration Deadline

01 September 2021

Yeasts are potent model eukaryotes that have been used for over a century to explore fundamental and applied aspects of cell function. Annual gatherings of the British yeast community have taken place since the 1980s, with the only exception being the pandemic-related interruption in 2020. The Microbiology Society has adopted the last meetings in its Focused Meeting programme.

The next British Yeast Group meeting will take place from 1-3 September 2021. BYG 2021 highlights the theme ‘From Genomes to Cells’, covering diverse topics from DNA metabolism to organelle and cell function. The programme will feature attractive, assorted talks from invited speakers and will provide plenty of opportunities for early career researchers to present their research through posters and offered oral presentations. The meeting will include a varied social agenda to make new connections and strengthen the yeast community in Britain and beyond.

Key topics

DNA replication and repair

Chromosome organisation

Gene and RNA regulation

Organelle function