Tumor Metabolism and the Microenvironment

Registration Deadline

25 January 2021

As we know, cancer is a major cause of mortality worldwide. Furthermore, cancers result from mutations within somatic cells; however, their evolution and phenotype are determined by their environment, both local and systemic. Increased understanding of mechanisms that drive cancer will provide new avenues to reduce incidence and to treat the disease. Therefore, this meeting brings together researchers focusing on how nutrient availability and utilization influences tumors and those thinking about the multitude of inter-cellular interactions occurring within tumors. The inter-connections between these fields are becoming ever more apparent and this meeting unites the fields of tumor metabolism and the tumor microenvironment together, sparking new synergies and connectivity between researchers. With the extensive opportunities for discussion and numerous short talk slots on the program, this conference will help nurture early career scientists, the next generation of talent, and lead to the emergence of collaborative networks. Moreover, there is an afternoon workshop on ‚ÄúTransitioning to Independence‚ÄĚ for early career researchers. Finally, a thorough understanding of how tumor systems can adapt and re-wire in response to challenges is needed to ensure that new therapies being developed have the best chance of success as they enter clinical trials. To that end, several speakers have been selected with the expectation that they discuss either clinical trial data. This will strengthen the linkage between cutting-edge mechanistic studies and human disease.