Precision Medicine and Functional Genomics

Sidra Medicine

05 December 2020

Virtual Event

Registration Deadline

07 December 2020

Sidra Medicine is proud to support Qatar’s National Vision 2030 to building a knowledge-based economy particularly in biomedical and health sciences. We are actively engaging clinical and scientific expertise to establish a leading model for Precision Medicine in the region and we want you to join us in this year’s iteration FG 2020 where we will deliver live and on-demand programming, selected abstract sessions as well as special sessions on COVID-19. FG 2020 will also highlight the biotech/pharma industry’s role in precision medicine.

Our ambition to advance precision medicine in Qatar, combines research, education and clinical practice to successfully tackle conditions affecting women and children in Qatar. In line with this vision, FG 2020 will bring together researchers, academics, healthcare professionals, policy makers and the community members to explore the latest developments and innovations in genomics research and how they translate into precision medicine solutions.