AI in Healthcare

The EMBL | Stanford Life Science Alliance

27 October 2020

The Aula, Bildungscampus Heilbronn

Registration Deadline

08 September 2020

"The symposium brings together researchers, clinicians, industry experts and political advisors from across the globe to address the promises and challenges of artificial intelligence in healthcare. 

We are at the forefront of a revolution in healthcare. While new technologies enable us to generate a wealth of data, the next challenge lies in harnessing this information to uncover clinically relevant findings. Over two days we will highlight the latest insights and applications of AI across the whole healthcare system, from bench to bedside in our global community.

The conference assembles leading basic and clinical researchers to share and discuss the latest on:

- Using big data to make intelligent predictions about disease, responses to treatment, or diagnoses,

- The translation of AI technologies to the clinic and its implications for patients,

- Ethical and societal issues to consider when introducing AI technology to the public,

- The rise of smart systems and technologies that change the way we manage health, and the broader approach to healthcare."