Drug Development in the Digital Age

Keystone Symposia

05 April 2021

Snowbird Resort

Registration Deadline

05 April 2021

In this digital age, access to copious amounts of rapidly amassed data is made possible by innovative techniques like machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. While this provides new opportunities for drug development and precision medicine, it also reveals ethical issues surrounding privacy and data sharing. Interpreting data demonstrates an additional challenge. Data must be presented in the patient’s terms and requires a well-defined patient context to be relevant. The goal of this meeting is to discuss emerging technology and the opportunities it provides. Promising uses for AI/ML include drug discovery or repurposing, analyzing data from imaging and genomics and using digital biomarkers. Developing new drugs and techniques for precision medicine can be done with real-world data and decentralized trials. This meeting will draw interest from many fields and attendees will have the opportunity to consider challenges and potential solutions in data sharing, ethical considerations and patient relevance. The joint meeting, Digital Paths to Improve Human Health, will feature complimentary themes.