Antibodies as Drugs

Keystone Symposia

27 January 2021

Fairmont Chateau Whistler

Registration Deadline

27 January 2021

Therapeutic antibodies continue to largely populate the list of top biologic drugs. They revolutionize the treatment of pathologies falling into major disease areas, which include cancer, chronic inflammatory diseases, allergy and infectious diseases. As more antibodies are being tested to treat an expanding number of pathologies, there has also been a concomitant increase in the frequency of resistance and escape mechanisms. Thus, researchers are exploring alternative concepts to prevent unresponsiveness or treat resistant patients. Therefore, not only are new methodological and technological advances being developed, paradigm-shifting concepts are being developed in order to face these challenges. This conference in the Keystone Symposia series on Antibodies as Drugs aims to present the state-of-the-art in antibody therapeutics, repertoires and deep learning, bispecific antibodies and engineering. This conference will provide a forum for extensive interactions between investigators from both industry and academia. Goals of this conference include discussion of recent breakthroughs in identifying therapeutics from patients, understanding vaccination and mode of delivery, modalities for half-life extensions and involvement of complement in antibody mode of action. It is anticipated that research in the field will showcase the rise of bispecific antibodies and highlight the technologies to develop them, improve their functionalities, and boost clinical efficacies, particularly in immune-oncology.