2nd Spatial Genome Organization Conference

Fusion Conferences Ltd

23 February 2021

Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta,

Registration Deadline

18 December 2020

The conference will bring together scientists working to better understand three-dimensional genome organization in various organisms, tissues, and cell state.

Key Sessions 

Nuclear and subnuclear structure and function

Topogically Associated Domains (TADs) and transcription in genome control

Signalling cues, cellular states and genome organization

Genome dynamics in DNA repair

Genome structure in health, aging, and disease

Chromatin loops and non-canonical nucleic acids structures in genome expression and stability

Workshop I: Technical advances

Workshop II: How to publish in the era of spatial genome organization?

Chaired by: Karim Mekhail (University of Toronto) and Evi Soutoglou (IGBMC)