The Pharma Licensing Negotiation Course


28 May 2020


Registration Deadline


  • The skill set required to successfully negotiate licence deals in the pharma-biotech world, to persuade and build consensus.
  • What you need to prepare and check before starting a negotiation.
  • The methods for determining value and spreadsheet financial modeling to improve negotiation outcomes.
  • Practise negotiating skills in 4 interactive role plays featuring typical Pharma/Biotech licensing situations.
  • The differences between integrative and distributive negotiation strategies and tools to improve leverage.
  • The various types of licence agreements used in pharma-biotech, and methods to determine royalty rates and value sharing.

Additional Benefits

  • The role-plays include a variety of negotiation scenarios: Royalty negotiations, term sheet negotiations, etc.
  • To ensure you optimally benefit from the role play sessions with executives from a variety of backgrounds, the audience size is limited to 10 max.