The Pharma Brand Planning Course


03 June 2020


Registration Deadline


  • A process for brand planning that identifies market opportunities and boosts brand performance.
  • Analytical tools to discover key leverage points from patient-centric and stakeholder insights.
  • Market segmentation: How to determine priority segments for your brand.
  • Brand positioning: How to develop a good positioning statement and ensure it is implemented.
  • How to make a good SWOT and extract CSFs required for your brand’s success.
  • How to design effective and efficient tactical mixes for highly competitive markets (“Red Ocean”).
  • How to create a “Blue Ocean” market environment where competition is irrelevant.
  • Best practices drawn from pharma and other industry sectors.

Additional Benefits

  • You will be equipped with a set of practical tools and checklists for making and/or improving pharma brand marketing plans.
  • You will learn from your peers during group work on the Betaprolol case, developed by Edouard Demeire.