Strategy & Planning for Commercial Launch Success in Pharma


06 October 2020


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  • A comprehensive overview of the launch process: From discovery/development up to maturity.
  • A structured roadmap with detailed steps to plan your full cross-functional launch process.
  • The 4 launch types: Selecting the right launch strategy based on your brand’s profile.
  • The market and customer insights that are crucial for defining the launch strategy and plan.
  • How to use the patient journey and leverage points to define and prioritise customer segments.
  • How to design an omni-channel launch strategy to engage with the right key stakeholders.
  • How to organise internally in order to be optimally prepared for launch.
  • Best practices drawn from real-world examples of successful and failed launches.

Additional Benefits

  • You will be able to put theory into practice during group work on real-world case studies.
  • You will receive handy take-home templates and models.
  • Cross-check your approach and experiences during cross-functional discussions with industry peers.