International conference on Surface Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Film

OLC Conferences

16 July 2020


Registration Deadline

we would like to invite you all people to take part in our Metallurgical coatings and thin film-2020 conference in Krakow, Poland during 16-17 July 2020.This Conference may also discuss all the major keywords like; Thin film growth & Epitaxy 2020 Research in UK, Graphene 2020, Sarfus 2020, Ceramics 2020, Laser processing, Electrically operating coatings 2020, Semi conductors 2020, Polymer diodes 2020 ,Nano particle deposition 2020, Optical 2020, Optoelectronic & Di electric coatings 2020 , Protective coatings 2020, Metal alloys 2020 research in USA ,Mechanical metallurgy and mining 2020 in Europe, Metallurgical sciences 2020, Fatigue of metals 2020, Batteries and energy materials 2020, Materials forming and machining 2020, Advanced materials and Devices 2020, Metals and super conductors 2020, Photovoltaic cells and energies 2020, Advances in deposition technique 2020, Materials in industry 2020, functional and smart materials can search by following key titles.
We hope your valuable experience would create an scientific atmosphere during the conference days.