New Approaches to Combat Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria – 2nd edition

Sunday, June 09, 2024 -
Thursday, June 13, 2024
9am - 5pm

Over the past decades, pan-resistant strains of major bacterial pathogens have emerged rendering available antibiotics ineffective and putting at risk many achievements of modern medicine. New ways to identify clinically effective antimicrobials are urgently needed.

This conference will review the current knowledge on clinical activity of antibiotics; the role of microbiota; micro-tissue infection models; bacterial physiology in patients; mechanisms of antibacterial candidates, and non-conventional therapies. It will introduce students to emerging concepts that promise to accelerate antibacterial discovery, improve treatment regimens and uncover novel targets for eradicating pathogens. It will bring together world-leading clinicians, microbiologists, tissue engineers and chemists who share common interests in the field and work towards the development of urgently needed control strategies to win the race against superbugs

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