Cancer Immunotherapy: From bench to bedside and back

Cancer Immunotherapy: From bench to bedside and back
Monday, June 10, 2024 -
Wednesday, June 12, 2024
9am - 5pm
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
450 Brookline Ave
Boston, Massachusetts
Organized by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Nature Cancer, Nature Medicine, Nature Immunology, and Nature Reviews Immunology

The cancer immunotherapy field has continued to advance rapidly in recent years. The combination of state-of-the-art preclinical and translational work is providing a sharper understanding of the complex roles of T cells, the intricacies of myeloid cell biology and broader inputs of the local and systemic tumor environment on anti-tumor immunity. The profiling and characterization of immune and tumor cell states and their interactions at spatial and temporal scales is yielding deeper insight into the determinants of immunotherapy response and resistance. The integration of these multipronged efforts has been central in devising and testing additional immunotherapeutic modalities, including engineered immune cell therapies, cancer vaccines and rational therapy combinations.

This meeting will bring together experts from across the cancer immunotherapy field to present the most striking biological, technological, translational and clinical advances. Discussions will focus on how fundamental knowledge can be translated to the clinic, with insights gained in the clinical setting brought back to the lab to inform the development of innovative cancer immunotherapy approaches for the benefit a wider group of patients.

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